March 7th, 2022

Anyone who has gone through a breakup knows the appeal of texting your ex.

You know you shouldn’t.

But a quick little “you up?” text is harmless, right?

December 17th, 2021

A fundamental premise of web3 is ownership. But ownership isn’t just a technical or financial shift, it’s a shift in how we connect with one another.

To fully leverage the power of a democratically owned web3, we need to understand what ownership means for us as humans. And more importantly ‒ we need to expand beyond our current views of ownership to redefine and reshape how we choose to collectively own the next generation of technologies.

What is ownership?

Our early understanding of ownership is based on a simple premise: control. If you ask a 6 year old whether a person who is asleep or in a coma can own property, there’s a reasonable chance they say no ‒ if the person cannot assert their will over something (i.e., control it), they do not own it.